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Welcome, I’m so pleased you're here!

Are you ready to move forward and make your life just the way you'd like it to be?

Are you eager to step away from your negative thought patterns?

Are you hard on yourself, do you criticise or judge you?

Do you wish you could tap into your inner wisdom with more confidence?


Would you like to make friends with your flaws and imperfections?


Are you ready to embrace all of you? Your inner magic, your unique qualities and all that makes you the amazing you that you are?


Is it time to be supported to build your of self-care, self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion?


Then you’ve come to the right place… take a comfy seat, make yourself at home and have a good look around!

Following my six-session coaching series with Claire I no longer carry with me the old internal burdensome narrative concerning the three areas we addressed. My mind now views these old narratives as just that - “old” - they are no longer true for me and, as such, have absolutely no power over my thinking or feelings.

I have learned that “truths” I had held and lived into for so long, were not actually truths at all, rather they were beliefs. I learned beliefs can shift in any moment, through my examination of them, which creates a whole new reality - in the moment.  That is powerful.

Before our coaching series began I was expecting - and hoping - that the “issues” that were problematic would either dissipate, or I would be able to view them from a more constructive perspective, rather than the burdens I was currently seeing and feeling them as. I felt enthusiastic, hopeful, somewhat sceptical and inquisitive.

From our very first session I had confidence Claire would indeed be able to facilitate an uncovering of something within me that would culminate in the results I was seeking. I realised all I had to do was to listen to her, be unguarded when I spoke with her and do the homework she suggested.

From coaching with Claire I learned that my thoughts have power, as they dictate my feelings and my beliefs.  Also, that I always have the ability to change my beliefs and feelings by looking at my thoughts. I recognise that sometimes I might require the assistance of an expert coach to walk with me on that path; knowing I have that resource available, in Claire, to me is priceless.

Just a massive THANK you Claire, I value your expertise immensely.

Melanie Waite
California, USA

A little about me

Over my 58 years in this wonderful world I've learnt that I am enough. I have all that I need within me. And you have too.

I'm imperfect. I eat meat, drink coffee and eat more cake than is wise. I have laughter lines and wrinkles. I get irritable when people push in front of me, chew loudly or talk during a TV show or movie. I'm as screwed up, insecure and impatient as anyone. I am human.


And I love this imperfect, messy, exhilarating human experience.

I'm happy. I don't fear the negative emotions that sometimes accompany us on our journey through life.

I chose to be a coach so that I could help amazing people like you find their magic, become friends with their imperfections and change their negative thought patterns.

YOU have everything you need inside you but, sometimes, it's not so easy to find on your own.

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