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I'm delighted to offer a 90-day coaching experience, with seven sessions two weeks apart.


Together you and I will create inspirational, challenging and achievable aims that are tailor-made for you.


We'll set specific actions along the way to empower and enthuse you.

You will have time to reflect, visualise and achieve your desired intentions.

It will be fabulous!

I came to realise most of my problems and blockers to achieving my goals were anxieties I had created in my head; they were not based in fact. When I removed these the relief I felt, and the progress I made, accelerated. I now know that I am a kind, compassionate, funny woman who needs to give myself a break sometimes and remember that the love of others does not define me, I define me.

I found the coaching series to be the perfect length. The two-week spaces between the sessions were long enough to make progress but short enough to retain focus.

Claire Wilkinson,
Lincoln, England

Our ninety day coaching series will include...


Soulful questionnaire

A questionnaire, found here, for you to reflect on what's working and not working in your life. It will help you identify areas to focus our attention on and will form the blueprint of our time together.


Free conversation

Let's talk! An opportunity for you to ask me questions and get to know me; we'll talk about your questionnaire and the areas you'd like to focus on.

90 minute intention setting session

In our first session you and I will create personal aims and intentions for you. We'll agree specific actions, which will empower you to begin your journey towards achieving your desires. You’ll leave the session feeling excited, focused and supported.  


Six 60 minute coaching sessions

Every two weeks we'll have a 60 minute audio or video call. We'll uncover and address your limiting beliefs and the internal dialogues that hold you back.  We'll turn confusion into clarity and unleash your true potential. In every session we'll consider your individual needs, with me to support, encourage and guide you. I'll help you create powerful actions that align with your true desires.

Unlimited email and text support

You'll have direct access to me throughout our coaching series. You can share concerns, questions and achievements to help you to continue towards your objectives.



USD 995

(payment plans are available)

Excited, interested, mildly intrigued?!

Get in touch to arrange a FREE audio or video call.

Let's talk!​ or here

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