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Pre-coaching Questionnaire

For us to create inspiring and achievable goals please answer this questionnaire openly, honestly and without judging yourself.

Please take whatever space you need, there is no word requirement, it is within your gift to write as little or as much as you wish.

​1.  What are you loving about your life right now?

2.  What’s not so hot about your life?

3.  What are your super strong points? 

4.  Where do you think you might need some tweaks?!

5.  How do you take care of you?

6.  Which areas do you want to improve, grow and develop in?

7.  If our work together brought your ideal results, what would they be?

a.  What are your biggest obstacles to achieving these on your own, without

     extra support

b.  If nothing changed in your life, where will you be in regards to these issue in

     6-12 months?

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