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Pre-coaching Questionnaire

For us to create inspiring and achievable goals please answer this questionnaire openly, honestly and without judging yourself.

Please take whatever space you need, there is no word requirement, it is within your gift to write as little or as much as you wish.

Can’t wait to talk to you!


  1. What would you like to get out of coaching?  Don’t be afraid to say the big or seemingly small goals.

  2. What are you loving about your life right now?  What’s not so hot?

  3. What are your super strong points?  What do you think needs tweaking?

  4. How do you take care of you?

  5. How does your inner voice/inner critic sabotage you?  What does it say?

  6. What talents do you have that you are not using right now?

  7. Which areas do you want to improve, grow and develop in?

  8. Are you being paid for doing something you love?

  9. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me?

  10. How do you want to feel at the end of your coaching series?

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