Claire Ferguson

Life Coach

Welcome, I’m so pleased you're here!

Are you eager to step away from your negative thought patterns and create the life you desire?


Are you hard on yourself, do you criticise or judge you?

Do you wish you could tap into your inner wisdom with more confidence?


Would you like to make friends with your flaws and imperfections?


Are you ready to embrace all of you? Your inner magic, your unique qualities and all that makes you the amazing you that you are?


Are you ready to move forward and make your life just the way you would like it to be?


Then you’ve come to the right place… take a comfy seat, make yourself at home and have a good look around!

It has been a privilege to coach with Claire and I am so grateful for her compassion, guidance and patience. Claire’s manner and warmth set me at ease from our very first session. I felt heard, supported and reassured.

I came to realise most of my problems and blockers to achieving my goals were anxieties I had created in my head; they were not based in fact. When I removed these the relief I felt, and the progress I made, accelerated. I now know that I am a kind, compassionate, funny woman who needs to give myself a break sometimes and remember that the love of others does not define me, I define me.

I found the three month coaching series to be the perfect length. The two-week spaces between the sessions were long enough to make progress but short enough to retain focus.

Claire is an excellent Life Coach, this is definitely a calling for her. I now feel able to branch out with new found care of my wellbeing, self-worth and relationships with those close to me.

Claire Wilkinson, Lincoln, England

Over my 56 years in this wonderful world I have learnt that I am enough. I have all that I need within me.  And you have too.

I'm imperfect. I eat meat, drink coffee and I eat more cake than is wise. I get irritable when people push in front of me, chew loudly or talk during a TV show or movie. I'm as screwed up, insecure and impatient as anyone. I am human.


And I love this imperfect, messy, exhilarating human experience.

I'm happy! I do not fear the negative emotions that sometimes accompany us on our journey through life.

I chose to be a coach so that I could help clients find their magic, become friends with their imperfections and change their negative thought patterns.

YOU have everything you need inside of you but, sometimes, it's not so easy to find it on your own.

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