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Hi, I’m Claire

It’s time to move forward… and create your life with courage and confidence

I get it...

I see you, being incredibly hard on yourself, harshly criticising and judging you


I see you, not knowing how to connect with the ‘real you’ or your inner wisdom


I see you, doubting you are good enough, unsure of your next steps


I see you, your fear of failure is so bloody exhausting. And it holds you back

I see you, lacking the confidence to make assured decisions and move forward

Your life doesn’t have to be like this but I totally get it. Nearly 15 years ago I doubted myself, life hadn’t turned out how I expected. I didn’t know how to move forward.


You want to be able to think clearly, address the thoughts that hold you back, and move forward in your next steps with joy and clarity. You want to live your purpose, achieve your dreams and goals. But you’re unsure how to make it all happen.

It doesn’t have to be this way

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Here's my story

Over my 60 years in this wonderful world I've learnt that I am enough. I have all that I need within me. And you have too.


I'm imperfect. I eat meat, drink coffee and eat more cake than is wise. I have laughter lines and wrinkles. I get irritable when people push in front of me, chew loudly or talk during a TV show or movie.


I'm as screwed up, insecure and impatient as anyone. I am human.


And I love this imperfect, messy, exhilarating human experience.


I'm happy. I don't fear the negative emotions that sometimes accompany us on our journey through life.




I’ve always been highly sensitive. When I was growing up, especially as a teenager, I was often told to toughen up and develop a thicker skin but I had no idea how to do that. I didn’t really understand what it even meant so, thankfully, I ignored it. I like me the way I am.


The downside though, is that emotional pain can sometimes feel excruciating.


About 15 years ago I realised I didn’t want to feel painful or uncomfortable emotions every time life threw a curve ball in my direction.


This led me to voraciously read and study. And I sought guidance and support from people who knew more than me about how to properly address emotions and feelings.


I learnt that my thoughts were creating my feelings... that the story I told myself was causing me to feel the way I did.

What I learnt may sound simple but it changed my entire life. It had a far-reaching impact on me, to learn I didn’t have to be at the mercy of my emotions.


I also learnt that it wasn’t just deep pain it affected. I discovered I could address any feelings I didn’t want, by truthfully and courageously examining my thoughts.

Self-doubt, anger, worry, fear, lack of confidence… sure, I feel all those emotions but I no longer fear them.

I discovered too that most, if not all, of those hard emotions were gifts and before letting go of them I could accept them, honour them and listen to them. They could lead me to what I truly thought and believed... and then I could choose whether to let go of them, reframe them or accept them.



This was such a life changing experience I chose to be a coach so that I could help others find their magic, become friends with their imperfections and change their negative thought patterns. You have everything you need within you but, sometimes, it's not so easy to find on your own.

My passion is to support, encourage and guide amazing people like you to move forward... to embrace your inner wisdom and power.


You are unique. You have everything within you to be happy and to live the life you desire. You deserve to feel how you want to feel and be who you want to be.


I support successful people who are unsure of their next steps to rewire their thinking, increase clarity and develop the courage and confidence to write their next chapter.


I’d be honoured to walk beside you as you write the next part of your story.

I didn’t always think and feel like this

The added bonus

I discovered my passion

Some facts about me

I’m a Brit, born and bred in London, England. Have lived in Arizona, USA since January 2020.


I love people and I love to connect... but not in particularly large groups. If I had to label myself I’d say I'm an 'outgoing people-person introvert'. I recharge and repair with tranquility and calm.


I've been a communicator since I was little. Ask any of my school teachers… I wish I had a dollar for every time they told me to stop talking in class.


I see the days of the week in colour. I thought everyone did until, to my great surprise, I learnt in my late twenties that my colourful days were a result of a syndrome called synaesthesia. In my mind Saturday is black, Sunday is white, Monday is red, Tuesday is silvery grey, Wednesday is yellow, Thursday is bluey green and Friday is brown. I didn’t choose the colours, that’s just how I saw them when I was little from the moment I began to learn the days of the week.


I love to read, watch TV and movies – my favourite genres are sci fi, action and comedy. But I’ll pretty much read or watch most things with a decent plot (as long as it’s not horror or violence, I definitely don’t have the stomach for those!).

I'm energetic and get things done AND I need no encouragement to unwind, relax and sometimes simply do nothing

I love my life, even with its ups and downs and uncertainties and I’m fully committed to supporting you to feel this way too.


Professional Bio

Professional Bio

Claire Ferguson is a certified Life Coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, an Approved Coach Education Provider of the International Coaching Federation. Claire has been mentored for over 15 years by David James Lee, a Taoist monk and a Mindset Coach and, more recently, by the award-winning Erica Carrico.


Prior to coaching, Claire was a successful and highly sought-after Personal Assistant for over 20 years. She worked closely with CEO’s, CFO’s, Directors and Presidents within Rolls-Royce plc and Prudential plc, two major FTSE 100 companies in the United Kingdom.

In his speech, at Claire’s leaving presentation at Rolls-Royce, the President of Aerospace shared that during hard or stressful meetings he would be reassured to know that when he got back to his office Claire would be there. He said one of the things he valued most about her was her calming presence; he said having Claire around was similar to soothing music being played quietly in the background.


Through her signature programme ‘Overcome self-doubt: 90 Days to Clarity, Courage & Confidence’ Claire supports, encourages and guides her clients to move forward by connecting with their inner wisdom and power in a way they haven’t before.




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