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Going into the first session I was unclear about exactly what I wanted to work on. By the end of it my goals had totally crystallised. Not only had Claire helped me get clear about what I really wanted, I felt completely fired up for it and knew I would be truly supported during the process. Amazing. 
The biggest change from all the sessions was deepening my acceptance of myself and others. Claire really helped me get more curious and explore my own feelings and beliefs. She helped me release some deep held beliefs that were stilting me. She listened intently and asked powerful, intuitive questions. Claire helped me to dig beneath the surface of my own thoughts and feelings and uncover my real power. It felt wonderful and I knew I was on the right path. 
Claire did this so well and any challenge was lovingly and thoughtfully delivered. This helped me shift my feelings and thoughts to enable me to go to the next level. Claire was amazing and held space so exquisitely for me. I loved how she helped me celebrate myself and my achievements throughout the coaching series, something I do not take enough time for.
To go from unclear and hopeful, to a serene acceptance and reaching my goals, was a wonderful journey.

Claire is such an amazing, kind and thoughtful coach. 

Thank you Claire

Claire Ferguson Mindset and Life Coach Testimonials.jpg
Sharon James
Bournemouth, England

My journey with Claire was one of amazing discovery and productive moving forward with my life, which had stalled somewhat.


I’ve read many inspirational and self-development books over the years. Every one of them seemed great but nothing stuck for long. Working with Claire was a completely different experience. We worked gently and thoroughly, over our six coaching sessions, to address the thoughts and beliefs that held me back.


It was a real eye-opener to realise that much of what I believed was simply untrue and I found a completely new way of not only looking at the world but thinking about myself and caring for me in a completely different way.


Claire was immensely patient and skilful in helping me identify areas of my life that I could address, with a view towards planning and resolution.


Now, I have clarity with issues that prevented me from moving forward.


I highly recommend Claire as a Life Coach. Your experience and journey with her will, in my opinion, be one of discovery, understanding and practical implementation.

Joan Fleming
Gourock, Scotland


After leaving my job of nearly 14 years, running an international policy research organisation, I was truly lost when it came to thinking about what I was going to do next. My departure had been unpleasant and Claire helped me to work out what a blessing and opportunity the new situation could be. She helped me let go of the potentially all-consuming negativity of such a departure and focus on the positive.

She also helped me rationalise and order the choices that were before me, and helped me to work out not only what I could do, but also what I may want to do. She inspired me to realise that even though I’m further towards the end of my working life than the beginning, I could still dream and I could pursue a number of different avenues, and even at this point in my career starting something new was still an option.

I really appreciated the way she framed questions, how well she listened, and encouraged me to open my mind not only to new possibilities, but how the skills and experience that I already have might be used to realise those possibilities.


Claire challenged me, but in a way that brought the best and most positive sides of my character to the fore. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I am still benefitting now from that 90 minute session.

Matthew Dann
Brussels, Belgium

Following my 90 day coaching series with Claire I no longer carry with me the old internal burdensome narrative concerning the three areas we addressed. My mind now views these old narratives as just that - “old” - they are no longer true for me and, as such, have absolutely no power over my thinking or feelings.

I have learned that “truths” I had held and lived into for so long, were not actually truths at all, rather they were beliefs. I learned beliefs can shift in any moment, through my examination of them, which creates a whole new reality - in the moment.  That is powerful.

Before our coaching series began I was expecting - and hoping - that the “issues” that were problematic would either dissipate, or I would be able to view them from a more constructive perspective, rather than the burdens I was currently seeing and feeling them as. I felt enthusiastic, hopeful, somewhat sceptical and inquisitive.

From our very first session I had confidence Claire would indeed be able to facilitate an uncovering of something within me that would culminate in the results I was seeking. I realised all I had to do was to listen to her, be unguarded when I spoke with her and do the homework she suggested.

From coaching with Claire I learned that my thoughts have power, as they dictate my feelings and my beliefs.  Also, that I always have the ability to change my beliefs and feelings by looking at my thoughts. I recognise that sometimes I might require the assistance of an expert coach to walk with me on that path; knowing I have that resource available, in Claire, to me is priceless.

Just a massive THANK you Claire, I value your expertise immensely.

Melanie Waite
California, USA

Before coaching with Claire I had reached this season of my life where I was now unexpectedly single again, with grown independent children, and retired from a long enjoyable, and meaningful career. So even though I’d come to know who I was, I wasn’t very confident about my path in life and how to become the next phase of me! I needed some clarity.

Claire firstly let me see where I was, the tools I actually had and how to acquire new ones to move me forward in a way that made sense for me!

Claire’s natural, calm, open and honest personality made me feel safe in dealing with some truths (good and bad). That then helped me recognise them for what they were and use them as positive fuel.

I loved that she had a tangible way to measure my progress so that at the end of my sessions I was amazed to look back and see the difference the coaching had made to the areas of my life I had wanted to change.

Shirley Allen
Southend-on-Sea, England
I was hoping to identify what was causing me to feel so demotivated and unenthusiastic, I needed to be able to reboot as I felt I was achieving nothing productive in a long list of things. Claire soon helped to pinpoint what could be causing this. I had been looking at things from totally the wrong angle: yes I could visualise an end product, and often even the steps towards it, but I was not visualising how I would feel at the outcome, only how I felt with it looming ahead of me.
Claire helped me to identify what made me enthusiastic and how to channel that. I realised that my thoughts are only true if I let them be and I can choose to keep them or kick them out if they’re non productive.
I now realise that I don’t have to do everything at once, I was trying to achieve an end product before I’d started and not look at the process, which was completely demotivating me. I now feel more in control of what I do and how I feel I am enough.

This whole experience has helped me to have a renewed energy and enthusiasm and is enabling me to set, accomplish and maintain achievable goals. I know what I need to do, I know how to do it but most of all I can visualise how I will feel each step of the way.
I feel totally empowered to do things my way, I have definitely had that reboot I needed.

Thank you Claire for helping me to see in myself what I couldn’t before.
Kairon Meade
Huddersfield, England
Right from the start Claire helped me to define my goals and, instead of them seeming to be unobtainable, worked with me in such a way as to make them something that I was eager to get started on.
Claire helped me to see the whole process as something joyous and exhilarating – rather than an arduous uphill climb!  I found myself excited to get going. Claire was instrumental in working with me to set a realistic path to achieving my goals.  She encouraged me throughout, and each time I felt daunted she showed me that with some planning and taking things step by step I would be able to make some real progress with some personal aspirations which I have wanted to pursue for many years but have avoided for fear of failure.
After each session I found myself with renewed inspiration and a real sense of achievement as we celebrated each milestone no matter how small.
At the end of the 90 day series I had achieved more than I had ever expected to and was left with a completely different mindset than I had at the beginning. One of positivity and a sense of certainty and confidence that my aims were well within my reach.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire as a life coach if you are looking for someone to help you and cheer you on as you embark on a journey to recognising and achieving goals that just wont stop nagging you!
Nicola White_edited.jpg
Nicola White
London, England
M Testimonial
Claire helped me to quickly create and then get to the root of my goal. Claire’s ability to listen and ask insightful questions opened my eyes to myself. Since our coaching session I've had so many epiphanies, almost on a daily basis.

I now feel more positive about myself. I am noticing how hard I was on myself and I’m giving myself a break. I am making a conscious effort to treat myself as someone I love, which seems like such a 'duh' thing to say but it really has made a difference in my life.

My perspective has shifted. Things I viewed as chores I now see as gifts to myself and it's a wonderful way to feel.

Claire’s Instagram posts nurture those thoughts and give me something to think about, something to ponder. I look forward to reading them everyday.

With coaching, I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be, how it would work for me. I understood the concept of coaching in sports, and I had seen CEOs and the like have coaching, but I didn't understand how that would translate to me. Seeing Claire’s website and feeling her energy made me realise I wanted it! And I'm so glad she took me on.

M Horton
London, England
Claire Testimonial
It has been a privilege to coach with Claire and I am so grateful for her compassion, guidance and patience. Claire’s manner and warmth set me at ease from our very first session. I felt heard, supported and reassured.

I came to realise most of my problems and blockers to achieving my goals were anxieties I had created in my head; they were not based in fact. When I removed these the relief I felt, and the progress I made, accelerated. I now know that I am a kind, compassionate, funny woman who needs to give myself a break sometimes and remember that the love of others does not define me, I define me.

I found the coaching series to be the perfect length. The two-week spaces between the sessions were long enough to make progress but short enough to retain focus.

Claire is an excellent Life Coach, this is definitely a calling for her. I now feel able to branch out with new found care of my wellbeing, self-worth and relationships with those close to me.

Claire Wilkinson
Lincoln, England
I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching at all.

Going into the first session with Claire I felt like an onion, slightly dusty, with a bit of a tough outer layer and a little unsure whether coaching, AND me, would be to my taste.
In my onion state, after the first session, I felt I had been dusted off and a few of my outer layers had been gently peeled away.

Now that our coaching series has ended, I no longer feel like an onion, I feel more like a beautiful pass the parcel gift. As each session moved on, a layer was removed, with each layer presenting a small gift from Claire, resulting in the final beautiful gift at the end, which is always the best of them all.

I learnt to determine which of my thoughts are valuable and which are not. To let go of some resistance and that it’s okay to do what I want to do. I’m thinking with more clarity. Many of the topics and strategies we discussed are becoming second nature and natural.

All this talk about presents, Claire certainly has a gift for coaching.

Frances Smythe_edited.jpg
Frances Smythe
Kent, England
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